A Knocked-Out Tooth May Require Emergency Endodontic Therapy

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A bad fall at home or receiving an injury in the mouth during a sports game or practice can sometimes carry enough force to severely damage or potentially knock out one of your teeth. If a tooth does get knocked out, you can experience significant pain, and you will require emergency treatment from a dental specialist.

If you or someone close to you has just had a tooth knocked out or severely damaged, you should call upon the services of a qualified endodontist, such as Dr. William J Kowalski DMD MS LLC. The years of extensive training and experience that he has received can help treat dental trauma while also alleviating pain and minimizing complications.

Many cases of dental avulsion require Dr. Kowalski to perform endodontic therapy. More commonly referred to as a root canal, this particular treatment is designed to excise and edit the core structures of the tooth that have been compromised while also removing the tooth’s enamel layer.

Once this is done, Dr. Kowalski will use special endodontic materials to prepare a dental abutment. This small, post-like structure will have the structural integrity necessary to support a future dental crown restoration.

Once the appropriate dental work has been cemented into place, it will fully restore the function and physical presence that you enjoyed with the natural tooth.

If you are in the Fenton, Missouri, area, and if you or someone close to you has just suffered severe dental trauma, you should call William J Kowalski DMD MS LLC at 636-225-2330 and receive the emergency endodontic treatment you need.