Sometimes a tooth can lose its luster due to internal staining. When this happens, our endodontist can perform internal bleaching to revitalize your smile. This treatment works by bleaching the tooth from the inside out. The bleaching process differs based on whether you are in need of a root canal or have already had one.

If you require a root canal, the procedure will be performed in the normal fashion, which involves extracting the tooth’s dead or dying pulp and preparing it for a crown or temporary filling. Prior to applying the temporary filling, our endodontist will first deposit a bleaching agent to transform the tooth’s color from the inside out. Typically, this solution remains within the tooth for a period of up to two weeks to obtain optimal results, after which you will return to the office for an exam to see how the treatment has progressed.

If you have already had a root canal, then you will only need to have a small access hole drilled into the tooth. Our endodontist will then insert a cotton pellet that is soaked with a bleaching agent into this hole. The pellet remains within the tooth for some time. In addition, a patient may be sent home with bleaching trays to further bring about a thorough whitening.

If you are interested in internal bleaching in Fenton, Missouri, please contact the office of William J Kowalski DMD MS LLC at 636-225-2330 to make an appointment. We look forward to your call!