At the office of William J Kowalski DMD MS LLC, our endodontist can skillfully perform a hemisection if a root canal procedure proves ineffective in repairing an infected tooth. A hemisection is a specialized procedure where half of an injured natural tooth is removed. This procedure can only be done on the molars, as smaller teeth lack the strength and stability required to remain functional after the procedure. A hemisection works to help save as much of the natural tooth structure as possible.

During a hemisection, our endodontist will split the tooth by making a tiny incision in the gum to expose the structure below. The roots of the tooth are examined and divided into two sections. By this point, we can determine whether one of the roots can be saved, or if both should be removed. If one root is shown to be healthy, then the second root is removed. After which, the remaining gap is thoroughly cleansed with saline solutions. We will also fit a restoration crown on top of your tooth once the procedure is complete.

For more information on this procedure, and to determine whether you require a hemisection in Fenton, Missouri, please contact our office at 636-225-2330 to schedule your appointment!