Additional Information About Endodontics

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If you want to give your smile the best possible care, you will need to make sure all aspects of your health are well cared for. One commonly neglected area of your mouth is the inner workings of a tooth. Because your tooth contains nerve endings, connective tissues and blood vessels, it is important to make sure that all aspects of the pulp and tissues within your roots are well-maintained, which can be possible through the use of endodontic therapies.

Endodontic treatments are often looked at as a last resort for your oral health care. If you are in need of an endodontic treatment, it probably means that you have sustained some sort of oral accident or injury to the inner parts of a tooth, which could occur due to microscopic damage from dental erosion or even in blunt trauma blows to your face that have fractured the tooth. Because of the complex nature of the inner workings of a tooth, endodontists typically require an additional two to three years of training to learn the treatments necessary to save broken and damaged teeth.

If a pulp needs to be removed with a root canal therapy, it is possible for the tooth to continue on throughout the rest of your life. In some situations, endodontic therapies such as root canal therapy can save broken or damaged teeth that would otherwise need to be extracted completely. Each year in the United States, millions of teeth are saved through the use of endodontic treatments.

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