If You Have a Bad Filling, Consider Root Canal Therapy

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Dental fillings are placed to restore a damaged tooth with full function and prevent health complications following tooth decay. Over time, though, bacteria living in your mouth can attack and weaken the seam between the healthy tooth and the dental filling, eventually infiltrating the area and creating a new dental cavity. If the tooth decay is not identified and treated, it could spread to the root of the tooth and cause infection, resulting in the need for root canal therapy.

Our endodontist, Dr. William J Kowalski DMD MS LLC, may need to perform root canal therapy, a method of treatment in which he removes the tooth enamel to clean out any decayed or infected areas from the inner tooth. Once this has been accomplished, he can begin the process of reconstructing the tooth.

Our team will cast a detailed impression of the area and surrounding teeth, which we will send off to a dental lab to effect a custom-made dental crown to replace the tooth enamel. In the meantime, we can cover the tooth with a temporary dental crown.

Then, our team will contact you for a second appointment, during which our dentist removes the temporary crown and cements the new restoration into place.

We invite you to contact William J Kowalski DMD MS LLC at 636-225-2330 today to learn more about root canal therapy in Fenton, Missouri, and schedule a visit to our office.