What Do You Know About Endodontics?

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How often do you visit our endodontist? To ensure that further damage does not occur to the inner workings of a tooth or to add an additional layer of protection to prevent damage from occurring in the future, endodontics is a highly specialized field of dentistry that provides you the care you need to keep the inner parts of a tooth safe.

Over time, you may notice that your teeth become more painful whether it be by long-term damage or short-term decay. Beyond your diet and your oral health choices, make sure that you’re cleaning out your mouth and avoiding bad habits that can destroy your smile.

Endodontic treatments are often required if you have damage to a pulp that would otherwise result in a necessary tooth extraction. Because a pulp needs to be removed in order to ensure the tooth itself does not fail, a root canal therapy is another endodontic treatment that can be applied. However, as endodontists are specialists in their field, they will require two to three years of additional training so that they can provide you with the treatments you need.

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